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Finals for now! I'm writing two SnK fanfictions and doing a bunch of art and studying so bear with -w-
SnK OC - Meg Capet by nejiHolic
SnK OC - Meg Capet
Name: Margaret Capet
Meaning: "bringer of light" and pearl. Capet means "king."
Nickname(s): Carrots, Mistress Meg
Alias (if any): Little Queen
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 20
Birthplace (Which Wall, What town, etc.): Wall Sina, in Mitras, within Capet land
Current Residence (Which Wall, What town, etc.): Wall Trost, Survey Corps HQ
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status (Single, Married, etc.): Single
Life-Long Dream: help people, contribute to society's happiness
Seiyuu: Yui Horie
-Rise within the Ranks
-Train her squad effectively to be good leaders
-Push her comrades to unleash their potentials
-House Capet
-Survey Corps
Former Affiliation:
-her grad squad
Grad. Rank: 7th
Grad. Path (Survey Corps, etc): Survey Corps
Number of Titans Killed:
20 (solo), 30 (Team)
Status (Alive, Missing, etc.): Alive
-bad hair days
-marriage to a man she doesn't know
Bad Habit(s):
-has a tendency to drown self in alcohol after expeditions
-puts self in the line of fire
-overworks self
-clingy to her trainees
-forgets her hair pins after taking a bath
-trips a lot when in civilian attire
-spaces out in the middle of discussions
-playing chess
-not achieving her goals
-not being able to help others

Although naive, Meg greatly cares for people as a whole and loves putting others' needs before her own. She is portrayed to be very tactful and polite and charming, and knows how to maneuver her way when it comes to politics and has her own comrades' best interests at heart. A skilled manipulator in terms of politics, Meg uses her formidable skills in politics and diplomacy for the sake of humanity. Her cunning in leadership contrasts greatly with her naivety; she is a foil to Erwin Smith in many aspects. Interested in progress for Humanity, Meg has a gentle heart when needed like volunteering to do charity, giving children food when they are hungry and showing kindness to the poor.

Gifted with perception and a warm heart, Meg wants to be of influence within the Scouting Legion so that one day, Humanity will be free once more from the Titan threat.

Personality Traits:
-good leader

Annoying Traits:
-spaces out
-can be sneaky as a diplomat

Good Traits:
-politically savvy
-good leader

(not necessary)-
Food(s): pastaaaaa, honey cakes, teaaaa
Color(s): lilac
Season(s): winter, fall
Time of Day: afternoon
-She loves reading political books


Height: 5 feet
Weight: N/A
Hair style (Always Down, Always Up, etc.): always up
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: blue
Skin Tone: fair
Body Shape/Build: petite
Birth Marks: on her thigh
Scar(s): on her shoulder, from an expedition

Memory (any issues with this?): Meg has a tendency to forget small things like opening doors.
Sight (do you need glasses?): Nope.
Mental (Any problems? Example: depression): None
Physical (Do you take care of your body or harm it? Also include injuries):
-A few scratches and a few scars.
Sleep patterns (how you sleep and how much rest do you get?):
On a daily basis, about 5-8 hours of sleep. For rest, 500 hours a week.

3D Maneuvering Gear: 8/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Martial Arts: 6/10
Battle Skill: 7/10
Agility: 7/10
Strategy:  9/10
Teamwork: 8/10
Passion: 10/10 - Meg isn't afraid to throw her life away for her comrades, if need be. She wants to help people and desires greatly for Humanity to obliterate the Titan issue.

Helena and Luthor Capet
-Luthor and Meg have a strained relationship, especially after Helena died. Luthor didn't approve of Meg's choice to sacrifice herself to be a soldier, and wanted her to stay and become a wife in Wall Sina. Luthor's choice to be a Wallist supporter only made Meg more irritated at her father. The two don't communicate, although Meg frequently worries about her father while away from him. Luthor almost disinherited Meg, but Ross is keeping him at bay.

Ross and Rose Capet - Meg misses them dearly. On a weekly basis, she writes them letters that detail her life in the military. Ross admires his sister's courage and has promised to help her delay the marriage negotiations that include her with countless excuses.

Other Relative(s):
Best Friend(s):
Charlie Hunter - The two shared a mutual love for baking and cooking, and through the years, weathered the same changes together. The two got into the same squad, and worked together under Commander Shadis as an officer temporarily. While Charlie is the antithesis to Meg, liberal, loud, shameless and brash, Meg acts as Charlie's emotional support and moral guide. Charlie frequently reminds Meg to stop being hard on herself and loosen up and pursue romance or friends with benefits relationship to keep her mind off things. Charlie eventually left the military after getting pregnant and having an abortion, and started a bakery business, and often writes to Meg. Shortly, she returned to the military, and now, leads her own team.

Hange Zoe - Hange often tells Meg her theories. Meg is highly invested and interested in Hange's experiments regarding Titans, and is aware how value such data is.

Levi Ackerman - As a comrade, Meg admires him deeply and greatly. She often nags him to get more sleep (Momma much?) even when he tells her it's none of her business. As senior officers, they do respect each other and work with each other frequently. Originally, they met while serving under the same unit, and he snubbed her attempts to get to know him, thinking her "clingy." Years later, they are more familiar to each other. Meg has strong feelings for him, but tries to push them away as she knows her heart is sworn to Humanity and knowing her father would not approve of him, as Levi used to be a thug. She makes no effort to confess, as it is in her own interests to let Levi do his duty, and she go on with her intention to rise within the military force as a threat.

Darius Zackley - Meg doesn't really like Darius Zackley. She is polite to him as tradition requires it, but has doubts regarding his true motives, if he is a corrupt official or not.

Jack Lithgow - He antagonizes Meg a lot even back then when they were trainees. Due to her emotional tendencies, he underestimated her nature and thought she would die in her first expedition. The two often competed for the better and higher score as trainees, although Jack graduated at Third Place and Meg graduated at Seventh. Despite Jack's higher rank, he still felt more compelled to compete with her in popularity - where Meg is more popular than Jack. Jack, contrary to Meg, is calculating and objective, and does not care for the opinion of others. They consider each other "frenemies" and have a grudging respect for each other.

Erwin Smith - While their leadership styles are foils, Meg has great respect for Erwin as a comrade. She cares deeply for his well-being and offers him advice on politics when he needs to. She admires and envies his charisma and ability to sacrifice his own humanity to save humanity, knowing fully well she is too emotional to do so. The two used to serve under Commander Shadis, and are friends.

-Born in Wall Sina to a noble family, and educated on the arts and sciences and politics
-Left Wall Sina at 12 to enlist, because her father wanted her to marry someone else she didn't know. Thought that the Titan problem would need help, so she volunteered to join the military.
-Graduated at 15, under the Top Ten, and joined the Survey Corps
-Put in an elite squad and served under Commander Shadis for a while. She was mentored by a captain, to specialize in Diplomacy, which she now excels in.
-Got promoted to Team Leader a year ago for her leadership skills.

"It is our duty as humans to contribute to society's happiness."
"I was never made to live for myself alone."
"If I need to put blood on my hands to make my goals reality, I'm willing to do that."

Theme Song:
- Alpines
-Bravado - Lorde

Meg was inspired by Anne Boleyn and Margaret of Anjou.
-Meg's nicknames are "Carrots" and "Mistress Meg" for her hair and her ladylike manners, respectively.
-Her stubborness is her fatal flaw.
-Meg hates talking about romance. Her romance history is almost nonexistent.
-She hates having blood on her hands but is not terrified to spill blood on her own hands.
-Her weapon of choice is archery.
-Her MBTI type is ENFJ or INFJ with an enneagram of Type 5 8w7.
Improvement Meme from 2011-2014 by nejiHolic
Improvement Meme from 2011-2014
I was looking at my gallery, and checked to see how far I've come; I'm happy to say I'm not disappointed at my progress ever since I got into anime and started to make OCs and draw fanart.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

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I've actually been pretty busy in college. I major in a Liberal Arts course, which is rather fun. I get to take Humanities, and Humanities means studying about art theories, and also, doing art. I get "I hate you, why you such a good artist" looks from my classmates. Aside from Humanities, I take my basic Mathematics, and Sociology, Theology, and also, this year, I'm functioning as a class representative for one of my classes. As a class rep, it means tons of paperwork - and taking charge of my class. I go to school every Monday most of the time, to attend meetings and such, but it doesn't mean I'll disappear forever! My college is nearer the house, so I walk and ride a vehicle on the way. I still art most of the time, but my priorities lie with college.

Nonetheless, I'm pretty chill. (understatement) and I'm really looking forward to my classes. My methods of art-ing are limited to traditional art, but I hope you guys won't give up on me ;______; I will work hard on my studies and my art! <3 

Also, I'm going to announce that I do own an art and writing blog, which is - it houses my sketches, and doodles, so far. *____* 
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