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Touka-chan by nejiHolic
Last art of 2014! This was a doodle at first, but I took it seriously. uwu I hope you guys like it! 
Zweeni's OCs + Greek Goddesses by nejiHolic
Zweeni's OCs + Greek Goddesses
Merry Christmas to :iconzweeni:! I'm too lazy to draw but here you go! 
SnK OC Margaret Capet by nejiHolic
SnK OC Margaret Capet

Name: Margaret Capet, Margaret means “bringer of light” and “pearl” while Capet means “chieftain”
• Alias: "Little Bird,” “Mistress Meg”
• Nickname(s): Meg

Training Squad: 94 Trainee Squad (graduated at the age of 15 some years before the 104th)
Occupation: Soldier; works for the Survey Corps
Grad Rank: 7th
Status: Alive

Species: Human 
• Nationality: English, with some French ancestry

• English: Kate Higgins
• Japanese: Kana Hanazawa

Nationality: English

Sex: Female /

Age: Currently 25-26, a few years younger than Levi

• Date of Birth: October 17th 
• Star Sign:
• Tarot Card: The Empress
The Empress is an archetype of feminine power; she is watery, hard to fathom, mysterious, fertile, and sexual. She augurs a need for us to be in touch with our feminine side, to listen to our intuition, and to give priority to our emotions an passions. She can signify coming abundance.  

• Hair Color: 
• Eye Color: blue
• Height: 5'3"
• Weight: 125 lbs
• Physical Alterations: 
- Scar on her shoulder and a small one in her arm, from missions in the capital (She doesn't show it because it's unsightly tho and as Correspondence, she has a public image as a lady and that means minimal skin-showing). 

General Appearance:
 She has high cheekbones and blue eyes, with long red hair that she often wears in a bun up when in uniform and in braids when out of the military uniform. Her frame is rather tiny, and she is slim and slender.
Out of her uniform, Meg is pretty feminine and flaunts her femininity. She's as subtle as a bull about dressing up; she revels in dresses and cool colors. It makes her relieved to be a girl.

She is a huge prude about showing skin, and hates showering with other fellow soldiers because of her scar. It makes her slightly self-conscious of her skin care habits, as she needs to look pretty for her job. Although a workaholic, she keeps an aura of cheerfulness, approachability with her as well as serenity.

Dominant Hand: Right

• Food: 
salad I mean, roast chicken
• Drink: lemonade and jasmine tea, she loves tea

Most Hated: 
• Food: 
• Drink: wine, she started hating it because of the nobles

 Luthor Capet, 61, noble and politician, father
 Kurt Capet, 18, noble, sibling
 Rose Capet, 14, noble, sibling
 Edmund Vane, 50, Medical Division soldier, uncle

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
• Love Interest (s): Levi Ackerman. She won't say it, though, she claims she is "married to the job." 
• Best Friend (s): 
- Charlie Hawkins – “Bros”; despite having contrasting attitudes (Charlie is a tomboy and loves casual sex, while Meg is feminine as hell and is a 1000% virgin), the two rely on each other for emotional support and girl talk. The Tomboy and the Girly Girl in action. When put together as a duo, the two complement each other in battle and abilities. Charlie acts a decoy, and Meg hits the Titan from behind. The two were very close from their training days, due to their mutual love for good food, good stories and cooking. "Girl time" is characterized by special sessions where they gossip over who's an item, who is hot and good-looking in the Scouting Legion, and cooking. In the matters of who is hot, Erwin Smith and Levi top Charlie's list, to Meg's chagrin. Meg doesn't have a list, instead, she has a list of food to cook when she gets bored. 

When they shower together in sleepovers, they do renditions of Wall Sina's opera's latest hits, to which their voices end up clashing. Charlie's off-key and when she plays the lute, it ends up sounding like a dying weasel. When Meg sings nicely but her drum is a broom, it adds to the noise in the HQ, and the two are often singing endlessly hits. When they're together in expeditions, they sing love songs and duets and it ends up raining. Erwin asks whose fault is it and everyone points at the two of them, who are singing "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman" like idiots. 

-Petra Ral – Meg acted as a motivator and as an elder sister figure for the younger girl. Wrote to her often. Meg was fond of her. Petra’s death was pretty devastating and Meg thought it was a pity since the girl had so much to live for. Meg secretly shipped her with Auruo, and enjoyed Petra's company. 


-Her fellow higher-ups. Meg wasn’t necessarily close with Mike, and most of her friends are people who she interacts with on a regular basis. She is good friends primarily with Erwin and Hange, and considers Levi a reliable friend. Most often, she enjoys debating theories and principles about Titans. She does enjoy working with her fellow veterans and values Erwin, Hange and Levi the most.

Eren fascinates her and she puts her whole heart into supporting him and making him feel he can trust and rely on her for tons of things. She has a high opinion of the 104th and wants to mentor all of them. 

some nobles - they can't stand her idealistic views and they view her as a Survey Corps spy who acts as a spy for Erwin Smith to take over the government
-Gelgar Raskoph - Due to some clashing of ideals, the two don't really get along well. He often undermines her authority.

Blood Type:


The INFJ personality type is very rare, making up less than one percent of the population, but they nonetheless leave their mark on the world. As Diplomats (NF), they have an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but what sets them apart is the accompanying Judging (J) trait – INFJs are not idle dreamers, but people capable of taking concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting positive impact.


In a position of power, Meg is very cheerful and tries to make the soldiers feel they are important. She behaves like a lady and talks like a queen, and naturally, is polite. She believes that eliminating the Titans will contribute to the benefit of Humanity, and is not scared of sacrificing her own life to achieve that end. Altruistic, idealistic but introverted, she is a skilled soldier who carries out her duty and tasks for the benefit of others. She is also highly intelligent and a skilled mediator and a good leader, which is why she heads the Correspondence Division. Her style of leadership means to lead her fellow soldiers into reaching their potentials.


On the downside, she has a tendency to space out while surrounded by paperwork, and overexerts herself because of her small size. She can be rather theatrical and romanticizes things, as a result of her upbringing as a noble lady, calling certain Commander “Prince Charming Eyebrows” as a joke. Her youth coupled with her need to please people and push herself too much are her weaknesses. Despite her weaknesses, she is reliable and respectful of the people around her.


She cares deeply about her fellow higher-ups and soldiers, especially the 104th Squad and Hanji, Levi and Erwin, and will do anything to protect her comrades, even if it means dying. She has strong feelings for Levi, to which she won’t make actions to, as she is determined to sacrifice her life by dying in order to eradicate the Titans. She values human life deeply, and is reluctant to kill, but if it means getting the job done for the sake of humanity, will not hesitate to scheme and plot and poison if it means humanity will gain.


Underneath her nurturing persona, Meg is well-versed in social behaviour and politics, and uses her nurturing and cheerful and kind image to appear weaker to others. In her spare time, she loves reading romance and intellectual books as well as her favorite game is chess.


-tiny for her age, it’s a hassle carrying the 3DMG, and she has to work twice as hard to keep fit and keep up with everyone

-raised in a sheltered environment

-extremely private

-need to please people

-burns out easily

-needs to have a cause



-nagger (to her squad)


-theatrical, overromanticizes some things

-idealistic to a certain extent


-can be a klutz (often falls on her stomach when in civilian attire and ends up having to be slapped out of it)

-spaces out

-wears her heart on her sleece







-good leader

-skilled political player



Colors: turquoise and gold
Playlist (I might make her a bigass one): I chose songs that would reflect her state of mind

-Bravado - Lorde // I’ll take it from here, I’ll find my own bravado

-Cry No More – Vaults // To pull yourself from harm, to be the braver one, To raise a weary hand in a house that’s built on sand, To wear it like a crown

--<a wytiwyg="1" href="…>Empire</a> – Alpines//<i wytiwyg="1" wytiwyg=" 1"=""> I’m building an empire, I’m building it with all I know
-</a>Breath of Life – Florence + the Machine// Through my heart down through my veins, but the room was so  quiet

--Yellow Flicker Beat – Lorde // My blood is a flag, the rubies precious stones, It keeps my veins hot (I keep thinking about how this fits her especially with her job)

-Boys Wanna Be Her - Peaches // Doll, you make them feel so small and they love it, The boys wanna be her

Tropes: (I had so much doing this hueeee)

-A Father to His Men - Eats with her squad and comrades during expeditions and cares about them greatly.

-Action Girl. Although she acts as a political correspondence and a leader figure, she does her own share of fighting.

-Archer Archetype – Well-versed in Archery and independent.

-Badass In Charge - Head of the Correspondence Division and a Team Leader. Also, a noble house heiress. She has a good kill count.

Badass Normal - Although not exceptionally strong, Meg is a strong soldier and her prowess at maneuvering politically and mediating.

-Belligerent Sexual Tension.

-Beware The Nice Ones – Meg when she learns her comrades are dead.

-< a href=""…”">Bitch In Sheep’s Clothing</a> – Offers a willing ear to Bertholt and Reiner and later, wipes her hands clean off them. Later, she swears revenge for the deaths of those they killed.

-Bodyguard Crush – Sort of. Developed an attachment to Levi when they were placed in the same squad. Also has Unresolved Sexual Tension with him. She admits years earlier, she had a thing for Erwin Smith but grew out of it.

-Cool Big Sis – Acts as this for her comrades. While in the capital as a lady, tries to project this. It works rather well.

-Character Development - In her spin-off backstory fic, Meg originally was naïve, seeing the world with rose-colored glasses and wanted to be a medic. Years later, when she is introduced in the current timeline, Meg’s resolve to help people becomes stronger and she aspires to be a leader instead. 

-Deadpan Snarker - Can be this, especially in reply to toilet humor. 

-Determinator. Left her betrothal so that she could be a soldier. Survived watching her squad leader in front of her eyes, and worked hard so that she could get a promotion.

-Implied Love Interest Claims to be married to her job, but has strong feelings for someone.

-Innocent Blue Eyes. In her history, she starts out like this. Becomes less of this. 

-Fiery Redhead. Had this in her when she became a soldier. Becomes this in the battlefield.

-Fire-Forged Friends - With her fellow higher-ups and veterans. Is this with her best friend, Charlie.

-FOIL – To both Erwin and Levi. While Levi uses brute force, Meg uses political intrigue to implement her plans. While Erwin and Meg care greatly for their men, their leadership styles vary. She is more suited as a mediator, compared to them.

-Holding Hands - Wants to be Levi’s equal as a soldier although  she may mean more than that.

-The Leader - Charismatic, driven and decisive, as well as intelligent and charming, it is stated in her profile she is a good leader.

-Machiavelli Was Wrong. She told Erwin that it would be better to make people love him. She uses this approach as a leader. Does this by appearing approachable and nice.

-Medic – Has some knowledge of medicine from her days as a noble lady. Uses it on her own team when they get injured. Heavily implied.

-Manipulative Bitch – Uses her kind persona to mask her manipulative nature when it comes to politics. Approached Bertholt and Reiner with the intention of having them see her as a reliable older sister but when word reveals their true nature, she drops them off like a hot potato.

-Married To The Job - Claims to be this. Used as an excuse not to get into any romantic relationships. 

-Named After Someone Famous – Named after Margaret of Anjou, Margaret Beaufort and Margaery Tyrell. On a large scale, all three are noble ladies, like Meg is. Margaret of Anjou was a powerful queen who led armies into battle; Margaret Beaufort plotted to have her son put on the throne. Margaery Tyrell was ambitious and also, an accomplished strategist. Meg is a veteran soldier, lady, and a strategist.

-Nice Girl – Generally is, until situation requires her to drop it.

-Ojou – Used to be before she went to the military. Meg can sew, can do correspondence, manage a business and was suited to be a wife – until she left to be a soldier.

-Silk Hiding Steel – On one hand, Meg acts ladylike and talks like a queen. On another hand, she serves as a political correspondence and Correspondence Head for the Scouting Legion as a soldier. Uses her feminine image to appear weaker than she actually is.

-Spoiled Sweet - Gives the appearance of this.

-Stepford Smiler – Smiles a lot to keep up appearances, especially with the higher-ups. Does this to everyone. This is her most defining trait. Lately, though, she’s been slipping under the cracks in line with the latest arc of SnK.

-The Strategist. Likes to think that Erwin is this. Charlie, Meg’s best friend admits she can be this. Lacking in physical strength but a competent soldier, her skills as a chess player hold her to this as well as an efficient mediator and diplomat.

-Team Mom. Tries to be this for her squad, and to a larger extent, the Scouting Legion as a whole. Is known to sing for her comrades when it is dark in expeditions. Loves treating Eren like family and tries to make an effort to keep the younger soldiers safe.

 -Politeness Judo. Excellent at this. Uses this to tease people as well as nobles.

-Red-Headed Heroine.

-Roaring Rampage of Revenge - Played and subverted with. Goes on this during a mission on the capital as a correspondence officer by plotting to poison an enemy while smiling in their face. Capable of doing this in expeditions.

-What Does She See In Him? - Asks herself what she sees in Levi frequently by herself, when talking to herself. Ends up hitting herself with a book.

- Underestimating Badassery - Often underestimated due to her weak-looking appearance when in the capital.

-Yamato Nadeshiko - Good at chores like cleaning and cooking as well as accomplished in the skills of a noble lady.

-You’re Insane</url> - Gets called a lot on this for sacrificing her status as an unmarried heiress to become a soldier.

Note: Her in-series nickname is “Mistress Meg Quite Contrary” which is pretty fitting.

I had so much fun doing this LOL 

The template is from my friend :iconzweeni:



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About Me:
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I took this from :iconxxtheblackdevilxx:

Rose Rules Rose
  1. Pick a fandom or some of your original works
  2. Pick between 5-10 characters
  3. Pick a ringtone for each of them (include a link to the lyrics or a recording)
  4. FANDOM BONUS!  Have an OC?  Pick one for them too, either yourself or what the canon characters would assign them!

I'll do this with my OCs Charlie Hawkins and Meg Capet and Sayuri Yuwith Juri Asai, and canon characters, I'll be taking Levi Ackerman and Saito Hajime from Hakkuoki.
Fandom: Attack on Titan, Psycho Pass and Hakkuoki.

1. Levi Ackerman
War of Change - Thousand Foot Krutch

2. Saito Hajime from Hakkuoki
Iron - Woodkid

3. Charlie Hawkins (SnK)
Lucky Strike - Maroon5
Makes sense since Charlie loves her casual sex and a high-paced lifestyle

4. Meg Capet (SnK)
-I chose two songs, because they correspond with her character development, first, before the manga and during the manga. With the latest chapters of SnK, I imagine Meg won't be apologetic for her actions as a political gamer.
i. Bravado - Lorde

ii. Red Light -f(x)

Sayuri Yu (Magi)
Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

6. Juri Asai (Psycho Pass)
Oh No! - Marina and the Diamonds (This is SO Juri, haha, I can imagine her singing that in the shower and to Gino)


Open CommissionsI'm opening commissions so I can get shit done at least this November because I don't have school and I really need to practice my art. My commissions are cheap, and majority of my data is found here: .
I do:
-canon characters
I don't do:
overly muscular men

Price: 3 Points

Price: 3
Colored Pencil:

Price: 5 Points

Price: 3 Points
-Additional points for complicated background and extra characters

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  • Listening to: Pentatonix
  • Reading: Naruto
  • Playing: words

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